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Sociology Regular Classroom Programme (Starting on 16th September 19) (NEW Batch)

 Sociology Crash Course cum test series 2019 (Starting on 8th June 19)

NICE Achievers Sociology CSE 2017, 2016, 2015  & 2014

Sociology Crash Course cum test series 2019 (Starting on 23rd June 19)Batch II


Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude (GS IV) Mains 2019 (Begins on 10th June 2019)


GS Paper II – Polity, Governance, Social Justice, and IR Starting on 11th June

  Praveen Kishore
Capitalism versus Caste
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WE & D Programme

Writing Evaluation & Development Programme

“ To Understand we need to read, to obtain good marks we need to perform in exam , and to perform we need to practice”

This programme is designed to impart practice and enhance the quality of understanding and writing.

Programme Components:

  1. Tests: Series of tests conducted in exam condition. Tests are both of topicwise and composite.
  2. Evaluation: the answer scripts are evaluated invoking the standard applied by UPSC and suggest corrective measures
  3. Discussion: all the questions asked are discussed threadbare along with the description of concepts involved. Before discussion all the answer scripts are evaluated and weaknesses of the students are identified and addressed along with positive feedbacks.

The series of topicwise tests, evaluation, suggesting corrective measures and discussion ensures gradual improvement in the information on the topic, enriching quality of articulation and presentation.

Caution: The programme is not for the beginners. Suitable for only those who have gone through the respective subjects sufficient enough and require only fine tunning.
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