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 Crash Course cum Test Series Mains 2019 (Begins on 6th Oct) (Admission Closed)

 Crash Course cum Test series Sociology Batch II (Starting on 1st Dec) 

NICE Achievers Sociology CSE 2017, 2016, 2015  & 2014

GS Paper II – Polity, Governance, Social Justice, and IR(Starting on 23rd Jan)


  Praveen Kishore
Capitalism versus Caste
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Books for sociology mains

Paper I

1.     Sociology: Themes and Perspectives by M.H.Haralambos; Oxford University Press

2.     Capitalism and modern social theory by Anthony Giddens; Cambridge University Press

3.     Structure of social action by Jonathan Turner

4.     Social Research by Sotirios Sarantakos; Macmillan Palgrave Publication

5.     What is Sociology by Alex Inkles; Prentice Hall of India

6.     Master of Sociological Thought by Lewis Coser; Rawat Publication

7.     The Sociology of social change by Piotr Sztompka; Blackwell Publishing

8.     Sociology by T.B.Bottomore


Reference Books

1.     Main currents in sociological thought by Raymond Aron

2.     Formation of modern social thought by Ken Morrison

3.     Weber’s Last Theory of Capitalism by Randall Collins (from the book: Readings in Economic Sociology Ed. By Nicole Woolsey Biggart; Blackwell Publication)

4.     The making of sociology by Ronald Fletcher

5.     The Sociology of Ethnicity: the Sociology of  Ethnicity By Sinisa Malesevic; Sage Publication

6.     Sociology by Horton and Hunt

7.     “Political Economy and Class Contradictions”  By Jose J. Nedumpara

8.     Methods in social research by Goode and Hutt


Reference Articles

1.     Identity and development of self from a cross cultural perspective By Stephen J.Shills

2.     Social Exclusion and Poverty by Todman, L.

3.     The structure of social amovements: Environmental activism and its opponents by Luther P.Gerlach

4.     The Secular Mirage: Modernity, The Postmodern Turn, and Religious Revivalism by Manochehr Dorraj

5.     Scholarship on social movement organizations: classic views and emerging trends * Beth Schaefer Caniglia and JoAnn Carmin

6.     “The family of woman: lesbian mothers, their children, and the undoing of gender” By Maureen Sullivan, University of California Press

Paper II

Basic Books

1.     Modernisation of Indian Tradition by Y.Singh

2.     Social movements in India by G.Shah

3.     The Family in India: Critical Essays by A.M.Shah; Orient Longman Publication

4.     Caste its twentieth century avatar by M.N.Srinivas

5.     The Tribal Culture of India by L.P.Vidyarthi

6.     Indian Sociology:Social Conditioning and Emerging Concerns by Y.Singh: Vistaar Publication

7.     Handbook of Indian Sociology edited by Veena Das

8.     The legacy of G.S. Ghurye By Govind Sadashiv Ghurye, A. R. Momin

9.  Anti Utopia ed. by Dipankar Gupta

10.  Social stratification ed. By Dipankar Gupta


Reference Books

1.     Social movements in India by M.S.A.Rao

2.     Social stratification and change in India by Y.Singh

3.     Social Stratification in India by K.L.Sharma

4.     Culture and Integration of Indian Tribes by R.S.Mann

5.     Caste in modern India and other essays by M.N.Srinivas

6.     Cultural change in India by Y.Singh; Rawat Publication

7.     Social movements and the state by G.Shah

8.     Untouchability in India by G.Shah, Harsh Mander, Sukhdeo Thorat, Satish Despande and Amita Baviskar

9.     Interrogating Caste by Dipankar Gupta

10.  Rural Sociology by A.R.Desai

11.  Religious fundamentalism in developing countries by Santosh C. Saha, Thomas K. Carr

12.  Communalism, caste and Hindu nationalism” By Ornit Shani

 Reference ArticlesArticles

1.     Development-induced displacement and resettlement  Author: Jason Stanley

2.     Democracy and ethnic conflict by Rajat Ganguly

3.     A paper by Muchkund Dubey Ex Foreign Secretary

Declaration: Though utmost care has been taken while finalising the list of books, reference books and reference articles to exhaustively cover the syllabus. Still more may be required.

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