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Sociology Regular Classroom Programme (Starting on 16th September 19) (NEW Batch)

 Sociology Crash Course cum test series 2019 (Starting on 8th June 19)

NICE Achievers Sociology CSE 2017, 2016, 2015  & 2014

Sociology Crash Course cum test series 2019 (Starting on 23rd June 19)Batch II


Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude (GS IV) Mains 2019 (Begins on 10th June 2019)


GS Paper II – Polity, Governance, Social Justice, and IR Starting on 11th June

  Praveen Kishore
Capitalism versus Caste
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Sociology Crash Course cum test series 2019 (Starting on 23rd June 19)Batch II

Note: This programme is more useful for students who are well read and need fine

             tuning. Students new to the subject may face a lot of difficulty. They are advised to

             go for regular classroom programme.

Programme Components:  1. 10 Tests as per UPSC pattern  conducted in examination condition

                                                                         and evaluation of answer scripts along with proper feedback.

                                                                    2.  Detailed discussion of  concepts inherent in the questions and

                                                                         helping in framing the structure of the answer. Discussion lectures

                                                                         also intent to train your mind to develop general approach on any

                                                                         question and Specific approach for a particular question.


Discussion: Discussion would be held on every Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6 PM to 9 PM starting

                               from 25th June. All the discussion classes will be taken by

                     Praveen Kishore sir.

Total No. of Seats: 70


         Offline/ Classroom- Rs24000/-  

 Enrolment can be done either at institute or online. Fee can be paid either in cash, or by cheque or 

 by card. For online enrolment through payment gateway use following link:


One can also  secure his/her  seat by transferring required fee in the following account and mail us your name on Get receipt for the same from reception counter when you visit institute.

A/c: NICE IAS             
A/c No.: 50200020786642
IFSC: HDFC0000026
Bank Name: HDFC
Branch: ORN Market


 Online Programme: Rs30000/-


 All enrolments for Online Programme is to be done only with "Neostencil", our Online Platform Partner. For the same contact on Mob. No. 9599075552 or visit kishore-upsc-mains-exam

 Date Schedule


Test Code

Test Contents 

Test Date and time


Discussion hours (Approx. Actual hrs may vary)


TSM-SOC-I-16/T -1

1.       Sociology- The discipline

2.       Sociology as science

3.       Research methods and analysis

students can appear in this test as per their convenience in next 4 weeks. Discussion of same would be conducted at an appropriate time and would be informed beforehand.

12 hrs


TSM-SOC-I-16/T -2

4.       Social Change in Modern Society

5.       Religion and Society   

6.       Works and Economic life


2 PM to 5 PM

12 hrs


TSM-SOC-I-16/T -3

7.       Sociological Thinkers- K.Marx, E.Durkheim, M.Weber, T. Parsons, R.K.Merton, G.H.Mea


2 PM to 5 PM

18 hrs


TSM-SOC-I-16/T -4

7.       Stratification and mobility

8.       Politics and Society

9.       System of Kinship


2 PM to 5 PM

12 hrs


TSM-SOC-II-16/T -5

11.   Perspectives on the study of Indian Society

12.   Caste System

13.   Impact of Colonial Rule on Indian Society


2 PM to 5 PM

18 hrs


TSM-SOC-II-16/T -6

14.   Rural and Agrarian Social Structure

15.   Social Classes in India

16.   Politics and Society

17.    Social movements in modern India


2 PM to 5 PM

12 hrs


Only conceptual portions will be discussed. For rest of the question material would be supplemented electronically


TSM-SOC-II-16/T -7

18.   System of Kinships in India

19.   Religion and Society

20.    Tribal Communities in India

21.    Population Dynamics


2 PM to 5 PM


TSM-SOC-II-16/T -8

22.   Social Changes in India (a) Visions of Social Changes in India (b) Rural and Agrarian Transformation in  India (c) Challenges of Social Transformation

23.   Industrialisation and Urbanisation in India


2 PM to 5 PM


TSM-SOC-I-16/T -9



10 AM to 1 PM

No Discussion


TSM-SOC-II-16/T -10



2 PM to 5 PM

No Discussion




                                  Total = 84 hrs



1. Students who are unable to appear on the above dates may appear on

    some other day. For that, They need to consult at reception 011-47065959.

    Discussion timing would remain same.

2. Extra classes may be taken for timely coverage of discussion. class

    duration may also be increased by half an hour.  

3. Answer scripts evaluation may take 7 to 14 days. Care would be taken to

    evaluate the papers before beginning of discussion of the tests.

4. Answerscripts of students appearing after discussion may get delayed.       


Please feel free to contact on 9910944333 to clarify any other doubt.

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